Right now, you are looking at the brand-new redesign I’ve spent most of my free time working on for the last six months. Next to looking great, it’s also my excuse for the lack of updates in the past few months. The ‘old’ design wasn’t even that old, but since it launched there has been a huge shift in our collective online experiences. The old design was hip for a while, showing off some fancy responsiveness, but the overall experience on anything non-desktop was pretty bad.

Since we’re all moving away from our desktop at lightning speed I needed to fix some issues with the old site. I started making a list of tablet/mobile issues with the intent of fixing them. However, this list was getting longer and longer and I eventually decided to just start from scratch, adding some elements I’ve been wanting to add anyway. So, from the ground up, everything on this site has been redone. Here’s what’s new:

Less distraction

The new design is fresh and simple, getting out of the way so you can focus on content. Next to lots of whitespace and big, legible type that’ll fit any device you throw at it, the minimal design adds only some green accents that are so easy on the eyes that you won’t even notice them when you’re reading.

Fancy new logo

You’ve probably noticed the new logo already. I was getting a bit tired of the ‘grunge’-style and wanted something cleaner, with a symbol. After a lot of initial brainstorming and sketching the symbol was going to be a lion, since I am a Leo and lions are awesome. My first drafts were mistaken as cats, tigers and panthers, so I decided to draw a mane/crown-hybrid. A few weeks passed and I was sketching off and on in those weeks, when I finally ended up with the final version. After sketching there was a whole lot of guiding going on in Illustrator to make sure everything was centered and there weren’t too many angles (the final design only has 3 angles, as you can see below). I’m quite happy with the outcome, and just for you, here it is with some process-images accompanying it:


Better navigation

If the navigation can, it’ll stick to the top of the page, so you won’t have to scroll all the way back up. The bar will turn ever so slightly transparent so you can see where your content is going. If there’s not enough room on your small screen, the navbar will behave normally, not blocking your view of the content. Since this redesign was all about a nice experience on every device, I’ve also gone ahead and made everything touch and gesture friendly, so you won’t have to act like a sniper with your index finger.

Progressive enhancement

Most of the fancy stuff will stay out of your way if your device doesn’t support it. The navbar will not stick to the top of the page if your screen size doesn’t allow it, and you won’t see any of the parallax header effects if your device can’t handle them. You’ll only see the fancy stuff your device can handle. Yes, that means the site is responsive too, but I don’t even consider that a feature anymore, it’s a requirement.

Wall to wall work

The portfolio is basically huge now and it’s where you’ll see the most change. Tiled in a patchwork style every item now has more, and better, pictures. Leaving behind the flat images of the old site, the new portfolio presents you with my work in the setting it was designed for, allowing the work to really shine. And if you decide to check out a certain image, you’ll be greeted by a large, retina-display supported image for the best possible view.

There’s a ton more changes and updates which you’ll find when you’re browsing, but basically, I’ve packed an extra helping of awesome into the site, hope you like it!


image credit

Header image: James Brooks on Flickr