The client for this project was extremely into minimalism, so much so that she doesn’t even have that much furniture in her house! (by choice I must add.) After an initial meeting about the direction of this startup she showed me some designs she liked, which were all very minimal. With little wiggle-room for flourishes or other design-y gimmicks I tried to tone down the harshness of the company name (it’s ‘the model factory’) by adding a handwritten word in the otherwise stamp-like logo, to convey that the models themselves are warmer and more personal than the ‘factory’ they come from.

Continuing with the minimalism the business card has absolutely nothing on it but the bare essentials. It was too minimal for my liking so I added the logo in a clear coating which catches the light.

The website was also minimal, focussing only on what matters: clear, eye-catching photo’s of the models that immediately draw your attention.