Celine Vlemmings

For artist Céline Vlemmings I updated an older logo to a more modern style, incorporating brush-strokes and varying line widths to accentuate the hand-drawn aspect of the logo. Seeing as the logo had Céline’s name right in it, designing a business card was easy, I went for the minimal approach with a nice painting on the back. Both sides have a SpotUV imprint of the logo in the center.

A new portfolio was requested to showcase her impressively divers body of work, which I made in WordPress. This means she can maintain her own portfolio and add new items with just a few clicks. A nice big rotating banner catches your eye immediately as you browse through the site, being one of the few graphic elements. The message for this portfolio was ‘Let the work do the work’, meaning there are not a lot of graphics to distract from what’s really important.

To sort through the various categories of the portfolio I created a nice jQuery sorting method based on the Masonry plugin.