(aan)Raken is a holistic massage parlor which puts more emphasis on the spiritual and intelectual side of a massage, instead of simple physical gain. The name of the company and the wordmark I designed for it reflects this by adding parenthesis to the aan-part of the word, where the word aanraken means an actual physical touch but the subword raken can have a much deeper meaning, as in being emotionally touched.

Separating the aan from the whole word opened up some nice possibilities for subwords that are used heavily throughout the project; gift-cards are (aan)geven, merchandise (like towels) are (aan)denken and the whole therapy is done with (aan)dacht.

The rest of the identity is extremely minimal; everything is squared on white, with only minimal accent colors used. To emphasize the minimal side of the project the business cards have an appointment schedule on the back, so the client will only have to carry one card.