DivPeek: scroll-triggered CSS animations

Because I was not happy with the scroll-animating effects that were all over the internet I decided to make my own for a recent project. This finally developed into DivPeek. DivPeek is a simple, lightweight animate-on-scroll jQuery script. It simply watches the divs you specify to see if they are scrolled in to view. All watched divs are assigned a ‘visible’ and ‘not visible’ class depending on their position in the viewport, thus animations (or… Read more »

My Quest For The Ultimate Backup

About a year ago, someone forced his way into my house and decided to help himself to my stuff. When I came home from work my front door was literally shattered and adrenaline kicked in; I ran into the living room and found out my TV was gone and I panicked; ‘When was my last backup?’ was my first thought as I ran upstairs to see what had been taken. Luckily, this guy must have… Read more »

Designers and Boxes: Why The Web Can’t Move Forward

I’m gonna start this thought with a bold statement: Internet Explorer is not the reason the web can’t move forward. Wow, that was pretty hard. I hate the lower IE’s as much as the next web-developer, but you simply can’t pin everything on poor old IE. Now that I have your attention I’m going to try to explain who are holding back the web from moving forward. (more…)