Why you shouldn’t trust device categories

So you’ve finally gotten around to getting a responsive website, good for you! You’ve sat down with a designer and/or a developer and they’ve mentioned something along the lines of a desktop and a mobile view. You’re all excited and check your Analytics to see how both the views are performing. But the data you see in Analytics can not be trusted, and here’s why… (more…)

A More Forgiving Date-Input

If you’ve ever made a date-input for a from, you know they are a whole bucket of butt-hurt. For some reason users have gotten used to getting yelled at when they use an incorrect separator or date-format, which shouldn’t be acceptable. Sure, validation is necessary, but having to type leading zeroes is more of a 1995 thing, and shouldn’t be an issue anymore. It’s time to make the datefield a little more forgiving. But before… Read more »

The Wallet: simplifying my daily carry

For about two years now, I’ve been trying to simplify my daily carry; the stuff I have with me all day, every day. It started with ditching the little notebook I carried around with me everywhere getting replaced by Evernote. After the notebook was gone, the biggest, most cumbersome thing I had was my wallet. A big tri-fold bulging with cards, cash and random stuff I needed. This thing had to go, but what to… Read more »

Some Handy Google Tag Manager Tips

I use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on a daily basis, from basic pageviews to more advanced implementations. A boardgame once coined the term a minute to learn, a lifetime to master, this is equally true for Analytics and the Tag Manager. Sometimes I use tags that add a lot of valuable data to your Analytics, which I’ll share with you below. But first: let’s set up basic Analytics in the Tag Manager in… Read more »

Going Paperless: Advanced Backups

Do you remember that receipt you put in your pocket last week? Sure you do. Pull it out and the ink will most likely have faded to the point that half the receipt is gone. Now imagine that happening to your birth certificate or pink slip of your car. Sucks right? Backups can (and should) be more than just your digital life; you have physical documents that are way more important. Read more »

Searchbased navigation: Do We Still Need Menus?

I’m starting to wonder if we still need a traditional menu-structure on our websites. The average visitor of a website makes split-second decisions and is always in a hurry, so why make that visitor scan an entire menu-structure and learn it to find a specific item on a website? Ask yourself; how many times have you used the search-bar on a website because you didn’t want to spend time finding the right page in a… Read more »


Right now, you are looking at the brand-new redesign I’ve spent most of my free time working on for the last six months. Next to looking great, it’s also my excuse for the lack of updates in the past few months. The ‘old’ design wasn’t even that old, but since it launched there has been a huge shift in our collective online experiences. The old design was hip for a while, showing off some fancy responsiveness,… Read more »

Auto-Contrasting Text

Not everybody is awesome at reading. Some people have a hard time with the words, others have a hard time with the contrast of the letters and the background. We as designers/developers can’t help the first group of people, but we can certainly assist the second group, in the name of accessibility. I recently came across a problem while creating a label-interface. The labels were Bootstraps, but you could create your own colors…. Read more »

This Is Your Card: Skeuomorphism in credit card forms

While doing some online shopping I found myself checking if I had entered my credit card details in the right input boxes. The website I was using provided a plethora of labels, informational images, tooltips and other helpful features to help me figure out if I’d entered the right info. I have done this all before, over and over. Every website tries to make the search for the right numbers on your card easy, but… Read more »

Ridiculously Simple HTML Presenter Notes

Every now and then I give a presentation. It might be at my job, it might be for a client, it might even be at a meetup or conference. Since most of my talks are about the web and its various states, I like to give my talks using a browser-based presentation platform. Not only does it look good, it usually showcases capabilities of the web that I am talking about. (and let’s not forget… Read more »